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What A Laugh!


They declared: “We are the clothing brand by 2 girls… June & Kade designed to make all the girls happy & shiny”. Wonky sentence construction aside, it is the tendency to go askew in the way they do things that, perhaps, is the appeal of the women behind Hahaha : the happy girls label/project.

Conceived by Sawitri “June” Rochanapruk and Jirada “Loukkade” Yohara, two spirited individuals whose day (and oftentimes night)  job is hosting events, this mirthful collaboration seems born of their need to have something to wear and show, if their Facebook posts are any indication. Like most Bangkok lasses, these two care less about photographic value than showing the world they’ve been there and done that, but unlike most, what they wear is also what they sell. Their digital diary, an ode to girly pursuits, shows pieces from their current collections and those that are to come. Cute they maybe to their fans (presently, they have close to 30,000 “likes”), but these designs are Burda for the Twitter tribe.

We’ve always known that anyone in Bangkok can be a fashion designer. Actresses, singers, models and those who need to express themselves through dress can become a fashion designer or collaborate with a label to become one. But how seriously can we consider you to be a professional when you state: “Mixing the top and skirt from june collection n loved this! So we are gonna make it in July! Stay tuned! { top from Kade skirt from june} (sic)”, referring to the photo (top left). Yes, we can see them beaming with sororal pride, but is this really the route from concept to consumer? It appears that both girls pick from each other’s existing wardrobe, select a fabric, have a seamstress sew them up and dispatch to whoever places the orders.

In another era, they call this cottage industry.

Photo: Hahaha : the happy girls


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