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Not Another Denim Shirt

It’s hard to resist denim shirts, just as it is difficult to ignore denim jeans. But since jeans have too strong a presence in the average male wardrobe, the shirt in denim—less omnipresent—can be a more refreshing obsession. After the recent dominance of the chambray shirt, it is, in fact, good to see the emergence of the unwashed denim shirt, such as this particular one at Adidas SLVR. Designed by Dirk Schönberger, it is a modern take on the Western shirt that is more appealing, given its unusual additional seam placement. It is slim-fitted too, thus reminding me of very early Dior Homme. I am not sure it will find many fans in Bangkok since the shirt is a little too structured (yes, stiff), but, given the form, it does make a good outer. You can save it for the cooler months on Khao Yai.

Available at Adidas SLVR, level 1, Siam Center


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