Bowled Over!

Although I saw it as a choppy Youtube video hours after the telecast, I enjoyed it. Madonna may not have danced and pranced like the Material Girl she once was, but she sure did  put up a good Super Bowl half-time show. On stage, she is the seasoned performer we know, and she gave the world such a good dose of fashion so effortlessly that her guest performers looked like they were back-up singers outfitted by a costume designer rather than a fashion designer.

The “Midwesterner girl” wore haute couture, Givenchy Couture no less. I am not sure if anyone has don a couture outfit (Janet’s can’t be that haute since it malfunctioned!) in a Super Bowl performance before, but Madonna did give what must be one of the most conservative American spectator platform fashion cred like no other female performer (not even Whitney in 1991!).

What struck me was the beautiful balance: the right amount of reflective material with no Beyonce-style sequins, the right silhouette that was flattering and allowed her to dance, and the right length of skirt: not distastefully short, not matronly long!

I looked back at Madonna’s old videos such as Lucky Star, and realised that some people can indeed be educated in fashion.

Photo: V Magazine


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