Fave Pic | The Feline Factor

Fashion is going to the cats!

Just some months back, one of Chanel’s A/W 2011 ads (below) featured a sheepish Freja Beha crouching in a photo booth pretending to be a feline. With camellias for ears, she looked like what Tevi Gevinson might wear if the latter were to dress as  Catwoman for Halloween. It’s all cute and cosy, of course, but not necessarily Chanel (unless the ad was targeted at the Japanese market). All the more surprising is the fact that it was style by Carine Roitfeld, known more for “porno chic” than cutie chick.

Just as we thought we saw the last of grown women appropriating the look of cats, out comes Lara Stone and Kate Moss in the latest issue of  Love (top); appearing all cheery and chummy, rather than sly and stealthy. Their kitty ears look like a Martha Stewart craft project, augmenting the girlish, BFF vibe of the overall picture,  shot by Ms Moss’s BFF Mario Testino.

Which brings us to an interesting puzzler: are women more charming when they meow or when they bitch?


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