What Status, What Symbols?

A local fashion designer cum blogger (not necessarily doing one better than the other) has this to say in defence of his penchant for status symbols:

“ya ya ya you can call me fashion nerd, fashion addicted, fashion genius but i’m not stupid you know. i’ve got education and i’m rich hehehe. i’m just kidding! i’m not rich but my parent does. do you guys know that Hermes, Louis Vuitton and Chanel bag never goes on sale. of cause all you fashion freak knows, and you know dame well that they made good cloths.Last year top designers have reported stellar earnings  including LV. up 23 percent from 2010 to $24.3 billion in 2011. these  billion-dollars valued high fashion house/company’s sales grow every year. So other than fine wine, fast car etc. these luxury goods are still the status symbols. but for me i added a little fun and smile to it okay!!”

Ignoring those annoyances that will make Lynne Truss scream, I noticed one thing about this declaration: the larger the spending, the noisier the consumption.


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