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Blue Desire

If cartoon characters deserve editorial pages in Harper’s Bazaar, you’d think they should be those by Takashi Murakami. But in the magazine’sĀ August issue, Smurfette is the model du jour. Yes, she who dresses like a nurse.

As one of the very few female characters in Smurf Village, Smurfette has, perhaps, every right to be vain as a way of seeking attention. But she was never really a fashionista (not in the white dress and white shoes!). This is, after all, a community that appears to be a cooperative. They seem to share everything, and no mercantile activity was ever detected. Fashion does not really define the characters, function does. Handy Smurf is who he is because he wears overalls.

Smurfette is, thus, no Miss Piggy. They both may have blond hair but the similarity ends there. So, it is not very convincing when the blue one apes the pink one, who, unlike the former, has a wardrobe to boast of. Smurfette in Bazaar is a makeover Oprah would want to pull off. But, what use is there for a Dolce & Gabbana star-spangled handbag in Smurf village, with Gargamel in hot pursuit?

Photo: Harper’s Bazaar


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