Charity Tee

I have my reservations about Uniqlo’s latest collaboration not because its Save Japan tees seem a little belated, but because I am not so sure the partnerships, heavy on movie stars, add any creative element to the fashion+charity cause.

The t-shirts are out today at select Uniqlo stores worldwide. Out of the 10 people asked to particpate in what is essentially a CSR exercise (supported by Vogue publisher the Condé Nast Group, with the money going to the Japanese Red Cross), only two are fashion designers: Karl Lagerfeld and Alber Elbaz. Victoria Beckham is in the mix, but I do not consider her a fashion designer. The rest are movie stars and pop singers, all US Vogue cover girls except Victoria Beckham, Cyndi Lauper and, of course, Orlando Bloom.

Okay, I’d be the first to admit that I find Gwyneth Paltrow’s GOOP-ish message on a chest as appealing as bumper stickers on a car. That goes for Blake Lively’s too. For me, when you want to contribute to any fashion project, you really should bring fashion to it, not some scribbles that looked like they were penned by a personal assistant mimicking your longhand.

But I am pro-charity. So, this morning my money went to Alber Elbaz’s hearts-aplenty tee.


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