Brave New Front

On the left-side entrance into Paragon Department Store on level three, local men’s wear label Zenithorial has set up shop, its first corner in a department store. The terrific frontage is used to the brand’s advantage, showcasing designer Adisak Rojsiriphan’s pastiche of styles for guys who dare.  But wait, what is truly happening here?

The one thing that stood out is a metal framework of a hut inside which holds what appears to be a 1920s beach-side changing room, complete with awning-striped curtains. The hut is disconcerting to me only because it is so evocative of the interior concept of London’s Dover Street Market, a retail format pioneered by the house of Comme des Garcons. As if the simple yet arresting architectural form alone was not enough, there were, too, the presence of CDG’s oversized polka dots!

Mr Rojsiriphan is not a minimalist, that much we know. The penchant for mixed patterns extends from the clothes to the walls of the small retail space. It is visually arousing, of course, until you remember that the purpose of visiting such a space is not to stare at walls!

And the clothes? I thought Zenithorial was collaborating with 27 Fiday!

Photo: Stealing Glances


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