Robinson Relieved Of His Role

The Associated Press announced: “Head designer out at Gap brand.” It was not a shocker, really. I am only surprised it hasn’t happened  sooner. Has Gap been any better under Mr Robinson’s stewardship? Has he brought anything new to the racks? While other mass-market labels such as Uniqlo is moving way ahead, adopting fashion looks in unprecedented ways and unapologetically, Gap is, quite frankly, trapped somewhere in the past… at least 20 years ago. Mr Robinson’s appointment at Gap in 2007 was the closest thing to excitement that the brand has been able to offer. Despite the buzz and even a fashion show to launch his debut collection, Mr Robinson’s clothes won over almost no one. Gap has been languishing in the back seat of fashion’s fast ride forward for too long.


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One response to “Robinson Relieved Of His Role

  1. HT

    Yes, GAP is so bland these days, you don’t want to touch it.

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