Tracking Time Like A Tank

Jean Charles de Castelbajac no doubt loves toys. He has made clothes out of teddy bears and conceived watches as wearable Lego bricks that tell time. The latter, the ‘Pop Hours’, (marketed under the name JCDC) was a collaboration with Hong Kong-based brand o.d.m., and appeared at about the same time Lego was extending its brand to the grown-up accessory market. Pop Hours is a fun watch that is not shy of colours that, as the name suggests, pop. Its Lego brick-like bracelet holds on to a face in concentric rectangles with colours that share the same palette as those in the studio of Toy Story.

JCDC’s lattest watch also coincides with a trend: the love of military watches. But it’s not one that a serious infantry man will take to the trenches. You may, however, wish to wear it while manouvering a remote-controlled tank somewhere in Lumpini Park. The ‘Time Track’, also produced by o.d.m., is a plastic timepiece with slightly more heft than a classic Swatch. But for the PSP tribe, weight is secondary to the fun such a wristwatch brings. The X that marks the face may make reading the time a little hard, but the four handles on the round guard is a neat little detail. It lends the watch an almost octagonal shape. That is the kind of cleverness not even the smartest military man can think of.

JCDC Time Track is available at Loft, Siam Discovery, for 8,250 baht


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