What’s The Beef?

There seems to be a craze for raw cuts of beef not served on a plate. First it was Lady Gaga, going to the MTV Video Music Award in a “meat dress”. But even before her very public appearance, the web store Weird Clothing Co was already retailing board shorts (below) in a print of raw meat—very red and marbled.  Now, Dutch artist Ron Van Der Ende, too, added a cut to his exhibition (above) at The Armory Show, a fine art fair in New York that ended last week.

Nothing has been said about Mr Van Der Ende’s three-dimensional wall hanging composed of salvaged wood that mimicked a piece of uncooked steak. But we do know why Lady Gaga chose to drape a collage of carcass on her body. She told CNN’s Anderson Cooper: “What I was really trying to say was dead meat is dead meat. And anyone that’s willing to take their life and die for their country is the same. You’re not gay and dead, straight and dead. You are dead.”

Dead on?


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