Skin As It Should Be

The advent of Photoshop and other imaging software has done wonders for bad skin while banishing natural complexion to those photographs shot before the Nineties. These days, in most advertising, God-given skin with pores, lines, and hair are almost non-existent—models and store-window mannequins look equally plastic.

So it was with much delight when I came face to face, literally, with a Prada poster outside their store in Singapore recently. Looking back at me was Clement Chabernaud (also in the current +J campaign for Uniqlo) who looked oddly attractive in a way I am sure many would not consider traditionally handsome. Lensed by Willy Vanderperre (Raf Simons’s longstanding collaborator) who lit his subject in such a way as not to cast any shadows on the countenance, Prada’s newest face is all epidermis as it should be. It is amazing that they left the model’s slight under-eye shadow and some lines discernible. This guy is not only real, he is believable.


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