Was Carine Roitfeld Fired?

The news came fast and furious. I had countless SMS messages asking me if it were true. How would I know? I read about it, as you probably did, on the Net. Carine Roitfeld will quit, and the question on every headline of posts, blogs, and articles was, “Why did Carine Roitfeld really leave French Vogue?” Everyone leaves their job at some point or other, so that in itself is not terribly interesting, but why did he or she really leave, that is the part that drives Internet traffic.

At the moment it is all guess work, like much of next year’s marketing budget. Ms Roitfeld’s departure from a magazine she has helped turn around is not particularly distressing news to me. Yes, I am surprised, but I am not skipping my somtum over it. I have never really cared for her work, less during her tenure with Tom Ford’s Gucci, only more when she became the editor at French Vogue. I guess many of us who like fashion visuals were delighted not only by her styling (her take on Anna Wintour in the front row!) and at-the-time unknown girls she favoured (Lara Stone!), but also the quirky graphics and typography her design team introduced to the magazine that made their American sister look a little staid. In Bangkok, French Vogue became the fashion bible of so many local publications and from it, the tear sheets for both commercial and editorial jobs.

What will Ms Roitfeld do next? To me, what’s more compelling is how will the post-CR Vogue look?


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