EFW 10: Senada Shooting For The Stars

This evening, Senada’s show backdrop was a depiction of the galaxy, and when the presentation started, the house lights dimmed to reveal a blinking rear wall, suggesting a firmament of distant stars. This is all rather beguiling until you realise that at last year’s Elle Fashion Week, Disaya had shown a collection known as ‘Celestial Warriors’ that featured fabrics with prints of the constellation. Did Senada designer Chanita Preechawitayakul continue from where Disaya left off?

Yes and no. Yes, because a fabric used bore some similarity to the Disaya’s described above. No, because Ms Preechawitayakul is not a conceptual designer, and the clothes had little connection to the setting she created. There was nothing otherworldly about them, certainly nothing inter-galactic.

True to form, she churned out the ultra-feminine clothes she was expected to produce, this time, with a strong dose of the cute. It was the kind adorable that will appeal to a younger customer, one that likes a composite of circular shapes (a recurrent motif) to form patterns or fashion the sleeves. This lent some of the clothes a vaguely craft-like sensibility–you would not be wrong to think of the coloured papers you used to cut in kindergarten. Your reminiscence were, however, quickly interrupted as the cut-out shapes were accompanied by what looked like bondage straps, criss-crossing the body as if to temper the overall sweetness.

As usual, she kept the silhouettes too varied to define. Nothing too slender, nothing tented. She did not succumb to volume, preferring to stick to the short: skirts, for example, were abbreviated, held up at the natural waist (fit and flare!). It was clear she likes things to swell out and swirl. Her sleeves were billowy, her dresses floaty. (And then there was the very odd dress with a profusion of bows on the bodice.) Interestingly, there were more pants than usual, all cut, unsurprisingly, slim. This could debunk the myth that Senada customers only buy dresses.

When the show came to a somewhat sudden end, the models walked out in a single row as they always do, and from afar, you could see that all the froth do not a confection make.


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