The Big Deal Of Small Details

A friend of mine who is a Uniqlo kind of guy was recently totally enamoured with the shirts of Junya Watanabe Man. Although he would not pay Mr Watanabe’s prohibitive prices, he was still full of admiration. It is not difficult to understand why any guy would fall in love with these shirts. They are shirts as shirts should be, but they are also a little bit more than the shirts of Reg Joe.

Having collaborated with the venerated Brooks Brothers and the cool-again Fred Perry, Mr Watanabe knows how to make a good shirt. But what set his shirts apart are the seemingly small but not insignificant details. I like, as shown above, the contrast-fabric split yolk, the binding tape that frames the collar (but not entirely), and the new-shape breast pocket. Unlike the typical pocket of a business shirt, this season’s has a jagged bottom. If you look closely, it’s a clever and geometrically interesting shape. The longer part can clearly hold a pen, and the abbreviated other half can contain a train ticket or a BTS stored-value card!

It’s the sum of these little parts that arouses the dormant fashion interest of those not usually bothered with what’s shown on catwalks. Because, at the end of the day, no matter what innovation is introduced to men’s basic top, a shirt should always look like a shirt.

Junya Watanabe Man is available at Club 21 Men, Erawan


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  1. Harry

    I love the shirt as well. But they are too pricey for me. And yes, agreed that a shirt should look like a shirt at the end of the day.

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