Space Capsule? Building? Or Shoe?

Marc Newson’s exploration of organic shapes as a designer is, of course, not new, but in collaborating with Nike, is he approaching the Zvezdochka slip-on as edifice or footwear?

The original Zvezdochka appeared in 2004. It is apparently inspired by Mr Newson’s personal encounter with space socks worn by astronauts at the Russian Space Institute. To up the shoe’s cute factor, it is named Zvezdochka, the dog that took to space in the Sputnik 10 on 25 March 1961. Zvezdochka means “little star” in Russian and it was chosen by Yuri Gagarin.

This year’s version is produced in conjunction with Mr Newson’s  New York exhibition “Transport”, in which the designer’s urban transportation designs are displayed for those keen on seeing what influence the man has on human locomotion. I supposed shoes can be considered vehicles since we need them to commute, and if you’re space-bound, they can be Sputniks too!


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One response to “Space Capsule? Building? Or Shoe?

  1. Harry

    Don’t really fancy this one; just reminds me of CROCS… !!

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