Fave Pic | Bouyed by Bjork

No matter what she wears, the Icelandic chanteuse Bjork will be considered a little dotty. She has never ever lived down the swan dress she wore to the 2006 Academy Awards presentation. Every outfit she donned publicly after that was dismissed as a mistake of a woman unwilling to see fashion through conventional eyes. Lady Gaga can looked like a depraved she-ghost in dangly bits and pieces not remotely connected to dressmaking, but Bjork is the weird one.

On the latest issue of Another Magazine, she’s envisoned as some kind of a post-apocalypotic beauty channeling Mary Queen of Scot, wearing her ruff around her face. This is not exactly shocking. I was expecting her to wear a farthingale over her head! But it is delightful, and seeing Bjork looking every bit as unusual as her voice and singing are is knowing that she will never bow down to Mrs Jones from next door. And that’s precisely why I like it.


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One response to “Fave Pic | Bouyed by Bjork

  1. Harry

    Nice cover of her …. like it !

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