In Our ‘Hood. At Last!

The Japanese brand Neighborhood has gone beyond a certain Tokyo enclave to take the world quite by storm. It has so much street cred and cool vibes that even major players such as Adidas is collaborating with the label. Unfortunately, in Bangkok, the brand is so unknown that any mention of ‘neighborhood’ will get people wondering if you’re referring to Tonglor or J Avenue. In Hong Kong, the young kids are so into the brand and its collegiate-yet-rebellious aesthetic that the city has its own Hoods store, the very first outside Japan.

Neighborhood Technical Apparel is a company started by Shinsuke Takizawa in 1994 as a streetwear brand that is able to sample and remix design elements from different type of clothing, particularly motorcycle gear, military fatigues and even adventure wear. In many ways, the look is American: kind of Happy Days meet Greek. A Mad Men for adolescent boys, if you will. Neighborhood’s success was swift and can be best measured by the willingness of streetwear giants such as Stussy and A Bathing Ape to collaborate with it.

The latest to do so is Adidas Originals. This T-shirt (and other pieces) are co-branded with Neighborhood’s offshoot brand Luker by Neighborhood, a collection that is a cuter and geekier take on the main line. The Adidas prices are, thankfully more approachable, especially so if you consider that Neighborhood products rarely ever go on sale!

Adidas Original + Luker By Neighborhood T-shirt is now available at the Adidas Original store at Siam Centre for 2,990 baht.


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  1. Harry

    Nice… I want that tee !!

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