Boy Scout Belt

Thai guys are probably unfamiliar with the belt boy scouts wear since scouting appears to be so unheard of, therefore, chances are, they’ve not seen a scout’s uniform. I am not even certain if there’s the Boy Scouts of Thailand, but I do know there’s the Girl Guides Association of Thailand (they have a nice pool!). Well, that’s not part of this story.

This belt by Burberry is fashioned in the similar style as those worn by boy scouts. It’s in full leather with a very distinguishable buckle: a coin-shape head that snaps secularly in place in a ring. Burberry has always issued clothes and accessories with heavy¬†military accents, but this belt imparts a certain war-not-known youthfulness. All the more amazing when you consider the scouting movement’s 100th Anniversary this year.

No news when or if this will be available in Thailand. Check out


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  1. Harry

    Used to wear this belt when I was a scout during my secondary school days.

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