Big Kitsch

Teenage girls who wear buttons of their fave K-pop stars on their chest will understand the appeal of these colourful brooches and accessories. At first glance, they seem no different from similar pop-icon pins you often find in JJ market, but these are no ordinary adornments for pockets and the plain shoulder bag. They are by the hip-beyond-belief accessory label of the moment Yazbukey.

It’s all about being playful, of course, but you would not have guessed that such delectation is by two sisters of very noble origin. Yaz and Emel Kurhan describe themselves as “ottoman princesses and Descendants of Mehmet Ali Pasha King of Egypt”, who, if you must know, is regarded as the founder of modern Egypt.

Royal lineage aside, the sisters have some fashion cred too. Yaz has interned at Maison Martin Margiela, Martine Sitbon, and Givenchy before assisting Jeremy Scott. Emel has worked at Christian Lacroix. Together, the sisters started the Yazbukey label in 2000, offering girlie and fun accessories that seemed to strike a chord with many women.

So this year, their 10th, they have released a series of brooches and necklaces and other dangly bits called “Happy Birthday” that look, to me, like refrigerator magnets. These pay homage to some of the most recognisable pop and fashion icons such as David Bowie, Princess Di (both pictured here), Michael Jackson, Lady Gaga and, Karl Lagerfeld. A-list they may be, but they’re more for the Barbie than Barberella in you.

Yazbukey’s David Bowie and Princess Di brooches are available at Club 21 Accessories, Siam Paragon


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