Fave Pic: Color Blocks Rock

Color-blocking, patchwork and panelling are, of course, not new to Comme des Garcons, but they get better when editors are able to extend the collage treatment to their fashion spreads as seen in the pictorial spread on CDG Shirt in the August issue of Japanese magazine Popeye. It is not immediately obvious, but there is a Mondrian-esque treatment to the compositions that I found extremely fetching and modern. It went well with the clothes without the clash-on-clash treatment less adept creative directors might be tempted to forge when dealing with CDG’s more-than-one-fabric garments.

While CDG’s men’s collections continue to enthrall those who dig her distinctive looks, her design aesthetic is, sadly, too copied these days to allow her shirts, for example, to have the same allure as those from when the Shirt line was launched back in 1988. (And don’t get me started on Play!).

Two weeks ago, at Central Chidlom where a sale held in the event hall was misleadingly called “pop-up store”, I spotted so many shirts given the CDG treatment that I worry that the trickle-down effect has become torrential. From the HK-based label 5cm to UK’s Topman, shirts had contrast yokes, sleeves, and fronts, so much so that they looked less a trend than dumping by some factory from nakhon whatever. More is clearly not better.

Photo: TISCH · Styling: Shunsuke Okabe


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