Mid-Age Madness?

What is it about middle age for some men that makes them want to be an exhibitionist? In the case of Marc Jacobs, we are even more puzzled. He doesn’t need the publicity. He does not  need the notoriety. And he sure does not need the money (or is he helping his brand save some?).

Mr Jacobs’s latest fragrance with the clearly unprovocative name Bang (despite the bold face in the ad) sees the designer as the body behind the fragrance. He is no stranger to showing off bare skin, especially after it was newly buffed a few years back. Despite the strategic placement of the bottle, this is still tantamount to flashing. No? Exposure is still exposure. Indecent or not, that really depends on the times and the star power of the exposed. And that, perhaps, has nothing to do with age.


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