The Noisettes + Dr Martens

I really like The Noisettes. They are like hazelnut truffles on a rainy day or after a dental surgery. I have been waiting for them to release a new album since last year’s Wild Young Hearts, but the wait has, so far, been a little like anticipating the government to step down or the red-shirted to give up. Thanks to boot maker Dr Martens, there’s a delightful single to help me tide over the delay.

The single is a remake of the Buzzcocks’s (1978!) Ever Fallen in Love (With Someone You Shouldn’t Have)? and it’s issued in conjunction with Dr Marten’s 50th Anniversary, a celebration that started in the UK last month. It’s surprising that The Noisettes were willing to work with Doc Marts since the band members have to wear the DM boots in the promo materials (including the music videos), therefore forging an endorsement. But I am glad they did. Unlike the Buzzcocks’s original version, sung almost tunelessly against the sound of punk-rock angst, the Noisettes have given the music a similar period treatment: disco! Singer/bassist Shingai Shoniwa, with her distinctive voice, sang it as if it was an old Gloria Gaynor song. Sure, this is not the first remake. I am thinking of Nouvelle Vague’s version, but don’t we have enough of bossa nova sung with a whispery vocal?

You can check out the The Noisettes’ song at Dr Martens’s website (, together with other guests artists such as DamFunk (doing The Human League’s Thing’s That Dreams Are Made Of) and The Cinematic Orchestra (with the jazz classic Lilac Wine). The musicians and what they cover are a lot more varied than Dr Martens’s once-again popular boots.


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