Boat Shoes Pretending To Be Penny Loafers

If you have not had enough of collaborations, here’s another. The New York-based clothing and accessories label Vane has joined hands with shoemaker Sebago (of the Docksides fame) to produce the Vane Penny Mid I, a high-cut boat shoe that boasts a penny loafer detail (in patent leather no less!) across the toe, just after the lacing–part of a 8-style collection called, unconvincingly, “Future Heritage”.

The Vane Penny Mid I looks positively odd, and oddly traditional at the same time. Now that boat shoes are the rage, this pair will definitely appeal to those who are more anti-establishment than those who would actually wear them on a boat. I am not so sure of the white outsole, particularly when they have to touch the pavements of Bangkok rather than the deck of a pleasure craft.

Sebago shoes are rumoured to hit the shelves of Zen on 1 July. The above, unfortunately, will not be available.


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One response to “Boat Shoes Pretending To Be Penny Loafers

  1. Harry

    Strange looking shoe indeed. I am thinking of getting a boat shoe, Sperry Topsider.

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