Lookate For Amat

You can put the mother in the model, but you can’t take the model out of the mother. Methinee (Lookate) Kingpayome, newly-minted mom, has been able to combine motherhood with modeling, even if it means appearing scantily-clad with her offspring. In other words, “don’t count me out yet!” Ms Kingpayome took to the catwalk this evening with her indifferent son, no doubt starting the baby young. You would have thought that she might consider retirement now that junior needs mommy more than the catwalk needs her, but there she was, in the glare of the spotlight, putting on a smile that indicated comeback beauty queen pleasure.

Dressed in a T-shirt and hip-hugging trunks, she and her son were parading in Zen Department Store for Amat, a men’s underwear brand designed by Amat Nimitpark, a photographer-turn-fashion editor, who is installed at the publication Image. The eponymous line comprises underpants that has less to do with modesty than dispensing with it. So many styles were fashioned with such tiny pieces of fabric or the sheerest of cloth that one wonders why anyone would bother designing these underpants at all. Fashion shows have become so much a part of Thai popular culture that briefs and boxers deserve their own displays too, in a drastic nosedive of fashion, and ultimately, social standards. Titillation is the currency of the shows and the audience soaked it up with glee. These days you do mainly two things for pleasure: oogle or Google.

After the finale, Mr Nimitpark appeared on the catwalk to take his bow, mimicking the ritual of a traditional ready-to-wear show. As he stood triumphantly there, receiving bouquets from admirers, shoppers were looking out from parapets and escalators, gaping at the near-naked models, swiftly making my dismay facetious, my moan meek.


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