Will The Kaiser Exit?

From the very young to the not-too-young. Post Paris fashion week buzz is rather extreme, you could say. On one end you have Pedro Lourenço, not even 20, making his debut to much acclaim and on the other, Karl Lagerfeld, with more than 25 years at Chanel, leaving a trail of rumours that he may quit the house that has, in many ways, made him. 

The story is not new since we’ve heard of it last year. But the leaving: it’s a matter of time, no? Chanel may still sell, but Mr Lagerfeld isn’t doing anything ground-shifting or awe-inspiring (unless you count the stage-as-catwalk). You can get Lily Allen into the picture (literally), but does that make the clothes look young? Or modern? Or desirable?

In the event that Mr Lagefeld leaves Chanel, he won’t leave fashion entirely. There’s still his eponymous label (which has been given quite a few shots at name change), the work for Fendi, and the second career as a photographer. So in demand as a lensman is he that even other brands are engaging his services. Dior Homme, for example, has the latest Spring/Summer 2010 campaign shot by him.

This is rather uncommon in fashion since designers generally do not get involved in each other’s work, superficially or not. In Bangkok, those fashion designers who are also fashion stylists will tell you that it can be difficult borrowing clothes for a shoot as brands are wary of those from what they consider competitive labels.

With Mr Lagerfeld maybe out of Chanel, who’s the best replacement?  The name bandied about is Alber Elbaz. Which means Mr Elbaz would have to leave Lanvin. Isn’t one departure enough?

Karl Lagerfeld shot Dior Homme’s Spring/Summer 2010 campaign


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