This Teen

Pedro Lourenço. It was a name that, together with his age (19!), kept popping up in the blogosphere. I was wondering what the buzz was all about, then it became clear as Badoit when I saw Mr Lourenço’s collection on YouTube. Something was happening on a Paris catwalk last week. From the very first outfit–a-dress-on-dress number–it struck me that Pedro Lourenço could be a new Nicolas Ghesquiere! The tailoring! The hardness and the softness! The leathers! I am not saying that Mr Lourenço’s designs are similar to what has been offered at Balenciaga, but there’s an aesthetic connect that is as exhilarating as the many times Mr Ghesquiere revealed his defining designs for the house.

Not a terrible lot is known about this young star. He’s Brazilian and has been “professional since he was 12”! Apparently his parents are designers too. His debut in Paris was not some meek first-shot affair. The show was styled by Brana Wolf! The collection was inspired by architect Oscar Niemeyer (fellow Brazillian, King of Curves, who designed the iconic Museum of Contemporary Art in Rio de Janeiro) and Diana the Huntress, Apollo’s twin sister. His biggest influence? Madeline Vionnet.

Yes, it was quite a start.

Photos: Marcio Madeira


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