Lauding The Loud?

Sometimes, it’s better to leave the talking or reporting to others. This was published in the Bangkok Post today. In an article on Mob.F, the multi-label store at Siam Center, the unnamed writer delightfully stated:

“While most fashion brands throw vibrant colours in their collections this season, the colours of Mob.F Spring/Summer 2010 collection remain the key colours of grey, white and black which create voguish and exceptional looks with special cutting details to give a hint of cheerfulness.”

In other words, one collection at Mob.F (which is really a retailer, not a label) has not embraced any other colours except grey, white, and black. So it is likely to be uncheerful, but if the writer is to be believed, there could be a “hint of  cheerfulness”, just a “hint”!

As for “special cutting detail”, I can only guess that a stem from a plant used for propagation is worked into the design or maybe a clipping from a newspaper was employed as some kind of applique.  Whichever, they have the power to impart a “hint of cheerfulness”.

“Various bright shades are also used to embellish the apparel.”

Since we are led to believe that the collection is monochromatic, I can only guess, taking a cue from “embellish”, that the clothes are festooned with colourful sunglasses.

“For Mob.F gals… the exclusive design is applied with details and layers for more dimensions.” 

How exclusive it must be, this singular design! Details and layers for more dimensions! The dimension of time? Of space? Of both? The mind boggles.

“Primary colours like red, yellow, green are well decorated at the right spots, not in a gaudy display but a stylish and tasteful one.”

So, let’s go back to primary school. In colour mixing (we’re talking about pigments here, not light), the fundamental rule states that a trio of colours cannot be made by mixing other colours together. These three are the primary colours of red, yellow, and blue. And to these, I would love to see them “well decorated”. And at “the right spots”!

“For lively Mop.F guys, this summer collection is simple yet neat.” 

Because when a collection (comprising clothes and other items produced by a designer for a seasonal line) is simple, it cannot be neat?

“The designer also chose a fine fabric that suits the hot climate and releases the heat.”

For goodness sake, it’s hot enough out there. Please do not let go, especially through fabric, however fine, any degree of warmth.

“Mob.F multi-brand store is a place for people who are highly individual when it comes to expressing their fashion ardour.”

Intense enthusiasm must have an outlet, which is why Mob.F’s current marketing tagline reads: “Style Doesn’t Speak, It Shouts!”

Now, listen you all.


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