The Better Black

Those who fancy themselves in a fashion leadership position will be quick to say that the Wayfarer has past its born-again-and-again prime. Just as you are about to agree, in comes Robert Pattinson wearing them in the up-coming film Remember Me, which only means that the shades that seemed permanently perched on The Blues Brothers some 50 years ago will not retire any time soon. This is ratified by the disturbing appearance of kindred shades, released by Ray Ban no less, in non-traditional colours such as pro-Thaksin red and royalist yellow (or the white with a “colorize” kit so that you can paint you own jolly frame) , and in post-modern prints such as camouflage and florals!

This is not a shaded view, but it seems clear to me that we need to move on to something less iconic (and less available in Patpong). My personal fave at the moment is Dior Homme’s Black Tie 92/S plastic shades. Like Ray Ban’s most successful, post-aviator model, this particular acetate pair has the the same Fifties vibes, just a lot less retro.

Dior Homme Black Tie shades are available at leading opticians for about 13,500 baht.


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