Is The Apple The New Smiley Heart?

The Beatles may have sung Strawberry Fields Forever, but it’s apples that designer Rei Kawakubo has chosen as icon for its new line Comme des Garcons The Beatles Collection, created in collaboration with Apple Corps, right-holders of the pop group’s legacy. What’s the apple got to do with The Beatles? Apple Records was founded in 1968 as part of the UK band’s Apple Corps project. The former served as a creative outlet for John Lennon & co, both as a group and as individual musicians.

When I first saw the The Beatles Collection T-shirt in Colette, Paris in December last year, I wondered if the apple will suffer the same fate as the smiley heart from the Play line (collaboration with New York graphic artist Filip Pagowski). Will it become another victim of a severe trickle-down effect, with its grave in Chatuchak market?

I hope not.

T-shirts from The Beatles Collection is now available at Club 21 for 4,590 baht a pop


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