What Happened to Sweet Chris?

Those of you who have been led into believing that Chris Horwang is a cute and agreeable girl, courtesy of the movie Rot Fai Fah Maha Na Ter, will be disappointed with her ad campaign for Chaps‘s current jeans collection. No effort was spared to make Ms Horwang, also a ballet teacher, look like she is one of those models hired to pose at events such as Bangkok Motorcycle Festival. With opened jacket that reveals her bra, unzipped skirt showing more undergarment, and left hand positioned to look like she was in a state of self-gratification, Ms Horwang is a far cry from the goofy and bubbly Mei Li.

Talking about Bangkok Motorcycle Festival, what struck me most in the above photograph is the uncanny similarity to the sensational images (below) of Panward ‘Puey’ Hemmanee draped over a beast of a bike–the latter pictures made headline news and were Googled to death. When the publicity turned negative due to supposed over-reveal of Khun Puey’s crotch, she took the initiative to go to the press to plead her innocence.

The pictures are less interesting to me than her attempt to disprove wardrobe malfunction. According to Khun Puey, she had on more than a single bottom that day before straddling the bike. Bangkok Post Sunday quoted her saying, “Underneath, I wore three layers for protection–underwear, a pair of thick tights, and a bathing costume”. Those who have scrutinised the pictures were convinced the three-tier protection did not exist.

Perhaps taking her cue from Khun Puey, Ms Horwang, too, wore three pieces of bottoms on top of the other, but unlike the former, she had each of them for all to see. You can’t be too clear about such things.


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