With These Rings I Thee Fret

With no Valentine on this day of love, I thought I’d buy myself a ring. It’s one of those things one does without reason, and definitely without rhyme. It’s easy, I was told, to find nice jewellery in Bangkok. True enough, there’s no lack of jewellers in the city (and I mean jewellers, not goldsmiths!), but to find one that’s not catering to the next hi-so suspect is as tough as finding ham-and-egg breakfast outside hotel coffee houses.

Not until I came across these.

I have always had a weakness for signet rings, so these by Jil Sander, by their looks, would be a perfect fit. The ‘Soul Collection’, as the range is called, has the bare minimum of design that’s typical of the brand, as well as the surprising touch of rather vivid colours. The organically-shaped silver rings hold enamel oblongs of black, blue, orange, pink and yellow, all saturated enough to give a discreet shot of colour to your still-dark suits and dresses. And, as some of you may agree, a little soul on a finger is better than a wedding band!


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