Asia Majors

Thanks to a friend in Hong Kong, the February copy of Vogue China I wanted arrived in the mail this morning. The cover immediately begs some questions.

Why can’t Thai magazines feature Thai girls in this manner? Why must the pooying in the pages of Image, Volume, Lips, et al look like drugged-out mannequins who’ve fallen into a laundry basket of rejected clothes and make-up? Why are they nothing like their fellow professionals from China, Korea, and Japan?

No one in Bangkok is able to satisfactorily answer these questions. I asked some photographers, and they suggested I speak to the stylists.

To understand what I mean, you need to look at the Vogue China I have in my hands. The cover alone is a foretaste of what lies inside. Shot by Patrick Demarchelier, it features Shue Pei and Mirte Maas in white, possibly marking a clean-white start to the lunar new year.

Inside, a spread shot by Max Vadukul, featuring Asia’s top models such as Japan’s Tao Okamoto and China’s Du Juan illustrates that non-Caucasian girls need not look like a stylist’s wayward experiment before they can look fashionably good. Thai editors take note.

Clockwise from top left: Liu Wen, Du Juan, Tao Okamoto, Danni Li, Liu Wen, Kiki Kang, Cheung Ping Hue


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