Comme Cometh

It’s the best news I have heard in Bangkok for a long time. Comme des Garçons, currently residing in Club 21, will have its own free-standing store on level 2 of Erawan, next to Marni. This would be a comeback of sorts for CDG after the closure of its debut boutique that offered predominantly shirts on the first floor of Gaysorn back in the Nineties.

A friend learned of this and wondered aloud: “Is CDG really so popular in Thailand that it needs its own shop? Or will they only offer Play?”, referring to the much-copied line with the smiley-heart that has charmed a generation that would have otherwise not come to know one of Japan’s most iconic brands.

I am curious to know what the CDG store in Bangkok would look like. If the recent repositioned and redesigned store in Hong Kong is any indication, we shouldn’t be expecting LVMH-luxe. Instead, we should look forward to innovative design and unconventional space planning in a white shop with equally pristine modular furniture and odd poster-graphics. No plush carpeting either, which is the way true CDG fans like it.

Comme des Garçons Under the Ground, Ice House Street, Hong Kong


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  1. Harry

    Nice…I wonder how it will look like too.

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