Fave Pic: Maggie Major

She was seen seated with Kylie Minogue in the front row of the Christian Dior Haute Couture show in Paris last month. Now, she’s the cover girl of  Glass, a British fashion-meet-style-meet-art magazine that strangely reminds me of Purple. Maggie looks as good as she has been these past years, post-Clean: the fine skin, little sparkly eyes, and the strong jaw, all belie the fact that she was once a gawky Miss Hong Kong runner-up whose first acting role was as Jackie Chan’s girlfriend May in the kung-fu-in-the-city caper Police Story.

I was not a big fan of Maggie Cheung. I did not find her to be as attractive as her contemporaries such as Joey Wong and Carina Lau, nor as compelling an actress as Brigitte Lin or Anita Mui. But I am drawn to this cover pic for its quiet, careful composition. While she wears a laced Dolce & Gabbana dress, she does not look like a Sicilian widow. If there’s a grouse to make, it’s her coming across Ruan-Ling-Yu-ish: tortured and reserved, and all the while ravishing. The photograph itself, while clearly modern, has the old-world, dreamy, and almost painterly style characteristic of Wong Kar Wai’s films such as In the Mood for Love. I just wish Miss Cheung can be more than the cheong sum-clad secretary So Lai Chan.


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