Two Brits For China

Two years ago, while walking on Nanjing Donglu in Shanghai one autumn morning, I spotted Me & City, a store that appeared to be China’s answer to Zara. Stepping inside, I noticed that the models in the in-store media were all Caucasians, sporting the trend-correct, monochromatic clothes that chacterised the brand’s collection that season.

While Me & City has not gone beyond the shores of China, their latest advertising campaign feature two very Brit internationalists: Agyness Deyn and Orlando Bloom, perhaps bringing new meaning to (and augmenting?) Sino-British relations.

The 18 pictures published in Me & City’s website show the model and the actor in scenes that look like those in stills for a Valentine’s Day movie: sweet, playful, and brimming with love.

A media observer I know feels that given the many Chinese models succeeding in the West (e.g. Du Juan and Liu Wen), the marketing people at Me & City should have cast their compatriots instead of westerners, who are already dominating the advertising media in China.

Well, all I can say is that two Brits do not an invasion make!


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