Table Talk

A table is one of the most used pieces of furniture at home, and yet we do not always look at it as a thing of beauty. More often than not, we accord chairs more regard than tables (think famous chairs and you can name Van der Rohe’s Barcelona, Machintosh’s high-backs, or Starck’s Pratfall, but tables?). Chairs, when not accommodating our bodies, are usually left unoccupied. Tables, on the other hand, often contain enough to take up the entire real estate even when we’re not using them. So, it was a delight to see a showroom dedicated primarily to tables, big and small.

At P. Tendercool early this evening, I was introduced to some tables that are alluring because of its stark simplicity. So devoid of superfluous details and gimmicky forms that they could be mistaken as some kind of post-modern monastery tables with the simple lines of Shaker furniture.  The table tops are made of reclaimed hardwood, and they sit on polished brass, bronze, or aluminum bases–the most arresting being the rectangle dining tables.

The loft-like space of P. Tendercool is in a colonial-style building that’s amid old godowns and refurbished shop-houses on Soi Charoen Krung 30, a skip away from the Royal Orchid Sheraton. The uninitiated may think he has stumbled into the living space of some hot-shot media maverick. This only attests to the company’s unconventional approach to table design, manufacture, and retail.

P. Tendercool takes considerable pride in their “cross-cultural creations”. Each table is a collective effort of Belgians, Italians and Thais, yet each bears no cultural distinction of the creators. The tables are as culturally neutral as the wood they’re made of, which means they could be  just at home in Bangkok as they are in Bahrain or Beijing.

Photos: Ptendercool



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3 responses to “Table Talk

  1. very impressed by your description of our table line. thank you. pieter

  2. Wat een lovend artikel: inderdaad je komt er wel! Daar ben ik zeker van…eigenlijk omdat het er al is…nu nog wat bekendheid met commentaar in de stijl van dit arikel. De tafel staat prachtig op de fot. Is dat nog steeds de mijne? Ik denk het namelijk wel.
    Heel veel groetjes en dikke zoen: ik zie de gang vanmiddag

  3. The above writing was great. I find it very interesting and I will surely forward this to my friends online. Anyway, thanks for sharing this.

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