i-Phone On Steroids

Even without first seeing the initial images of the product, I found the name extremely unappealing. I shudder at the thought of replying to a question such as “what are you carrying?” with a ridiculous “i-Pad”! It does not help that the “i” rhymes with “my”. The rest, I think, requires no arousing of your imagination. Or maybe it’s just me. Maybe it’s just i-Pod misspelled!

To those who know me, my reaction is hardly surprising because I am no fan of the i-Phone. Apple‘s latest tablet PC does look like a maxi-me version of their mobile, so in the looks department, there’s hardly anything enticing. While Netizens have been registering their disappointment with the machine (and joking about its name!), I would not be surprised that it could be successful. As with most of Apple’s products, users buy them not because of the gadgets’ usefulness, but because of the cool they supposedly bring to the owners. Yes, I do not like Apple fanboys (and girls).

From the published specs, the i-Pad is a lame machine.The initial release comes with wifi connectivity only, no 3G. There is no camera, so no video chat, no Skype. Some reviewers pointed out the lack of Flash support, so no YouTube, no graphic-rich Websites. There’s no USB port, no HDMI port… well, I should not go on. Like i-Pods, there may be “so much to touch” on the i-Pad, but so little to desire.


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