Single Route To Success

In the latest season of ABC’s The Bachelor, also called “On the Wings of Love”, single man Jake Pavelka is no doubt fully aware of his own attractiveness, so much so that he likes to describe himself as “too perfect”. As I stood among women in abbreviated dresses in Zense, that six-kitchen restaurant ten floors above Zen Department Store, I can’t help but wonder if the guys parading before us thought that they were “perfect”, never mind the “too”.

I was at Hi Magazine‘s 08/09 Bachelor of the Year by Shiseido Men, an event that should be, by now, hackneyed, tedious to watch, and an embarrassment to the participants. How many bachelors of the year do we really need? Cleo mag offers their yearly share of unmarried males too, not to mention all the eligible ones (and so named!) that appear not infrequently inside Thailand Tatler. With all these bachelors attending events honouring them, and taking time to preen before making their appearance, is it any wonder they’re unwed?

The guys who finally appeared to be ogled, after more than an hour’s wait, were, not surprisingly, young. I dare say that they appeared juvenile. If they looked like they’d just emerged from their teens (some could be auditioning for a Korean boy band!), were we surprised they were bachelors? If not, did they deserve to be honoured as if they were CEOs of the year?

I spoke to a former honoree who does not want to be named. Such events, according to him, pave the way for the bachelors to stardom, by way of modeling, acting or singing. They afford these fellows a better future, not to mention the advantages that set them apart from a newbie with no Bachelor of the Year accolade. Contrary to popular belief, the event does not make them more attractive or available to the opposite sex. Unlike in The Bachelor, no roses are offered and no pairings are forged. It’s not a self-promotion to state that they’re up for conjugal felicity.Yet, judging by the screams from the women on the floor, it’s likely the guys will get what talk show host Jimmy Kimmell calls “instant harem”.


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