Designer Dreams Too?

Wearing their clothes is not enough. You have to own their shoes, their bags, their watches. You have to dine with their plates, dry off with their towels, and cavort in their sheets. Now, they want you to sleep in their rooms too.

Fashion designers have always wanted to offer more than just clothes. When once they desired to be part of your “lifestyle”–your time between waking up and work and meeting your clique for dinner, now they want in on your holidays as well. Gianni Versace was one of the earliest designers to offer hotel rooms outfitted in everything that bears his signature style of pop-baroque excess.

Here are some places to sleep that are dreamed up by designers. They sure are dreamy, made more alluring with the guarantee of quality service and unmatched comfort (including, maybe, the designer’s pajamas), but can they vouch for sweet dreams?

Who: Giorgio Armani

Which: Burj Dubai

Where: Dubai, United Arab Emirates (UAE)

What: If the Casa Armani line of furniture is anything to go by, you can guess what kind of rooms the Italian master will offer. Billed as the “first new hotel in world’s tallest building and first Armani Hotel”, this is where you’ll find all the beige upholstery you’ll ever want, in tasteful spaces that look more residential than commercial. No news yet when it will open.

Who: Martin Margiela

Which: Les Sources de Caudalie

Where: Bordeaux, France

What: For 650 euros, you get the Suite Ile aux Oiseaux and “a gift signed by Maison Martin Margiela”. The mostly-white room, from the pictures I have seen, could pass of as a luxurious cell for Marie Antoinette during times of extreme mental distress.

Who: Christian Lacroix

Which: Hotel du Petit Moulin

Where: Paris, France

What: On the actual site of what used to be a bakery that dates back to 1900, the hotel is best recommended to those who love the bustling Le Marais area of Paris.  For 350 euros, a deluxe room is yours, including the giddy sumptuousness that makes you feel like you’re in the now-shut atelier of Mr Lacroix.

Who: Ralph Lauren

Which: Round Hill Hotel and Villas

Where: Montego Bay, Jamaica

What: Mr Lauren has been coming to this hotel for more than 20 years and is, according to an MSNBC report, “a partial owner”. It’s telling: every corner of the property looks like set-ups for a Polo Ralph Lauren shoot! For around 600 USD, you get an ocean-front room with four-poster bed from which to take in the very blue sea.


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