Them Pucci Princesses

For about five hours this evening, the al fresco watering hole Aqua at the Four Seasons Hotel was turned into a Pucci Lounge. But you wouldn’t know of this if you weren’t told that a transformation had taken place. The only clues inside the cordoned off area were the cushioned seats of the chairs. They were upholstered in cotton covers bearing the distinctive colour-saturated Pucci prints. But no one was here for a piece of the seating.

The guests–many Pucci-clad–had come for some Moet et Chandon (the event was partly sponsored by the champagne maker) and to cheer the bevy of hi-so saos who were modeling Pucci’s Spring/Summer 2010 collection. Whether they were good models or not was immaterial; the incarnation was not distinguishable since the women look no different (or better) than their hi-so selves. Among fellow socialites, their performance was more sorority sisters’ night out than fashion show. They strutted their stuff with as much hesitation as those hawking their wares in a prom.

Like most brand promotions in Bangkok, from cosmetics to couture to cars, hi-so saos are invariably involved. It is good publicity and self-promotion for them, not to mention a handsome income. After the show ended, one of them, lanky and not wearing prints, blurted to a couple of guests she was speaking to, “I have to go; I am paid to miggle!”



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2 responses to “Them Pucci Princesses

  1. manee

    Were they all wearing Pucci? Didnt look it at all

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