Stoned To Death

I have to admit that I am not particularly fond of Lara Stone. The Dutch model’s popularity is rather puzzling to me. Her face is as interesting as a baguette; her teeth as distinct as the cracks on the loaf, yet British Vogue‘s “The Girl of the Year” appears as frequently on catwalks as she does in magazines. Carine Roitfeld, who adores Ms Stone, said, “Sometimes a girl just touches you”, but does this girl touch her audience?

She now appears on the cover of the 3rd issue of Love, looking like she does not want to touch anyone or be touched, as well as not loving, lovely or wanting to be loved. Shot by the duo Mert Alas and Marcus Piggott, the magazine is, no doubt, attention-grabbing on the newsstand, but I suspect it’s less to do with the nudity and the unfriendly pose than the not-so-subtle nod to the late “King of Kink” Helmut Newton. 

The black and white photograph pays homage to Mr Newton’s studies of nude women (left): often standing tall, and captured from a low angle so that the subjects’ legs–on heels–are elongated. The naked women often stood without props. This could be due to a firm telling-off he recieved in the early days shooting for British Vogue, when an editor reminded him that “ladies, Helmut, do not lean against lamp posts”.


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