Hand On Her Heels… No, Lips On Her Foot!

You’d think they would want to have a grab at her shoes. For something so coveted, you’d imagine they want to rip them off her feet. Or, in a fit of jealousy, pour Cabernet Sauvignon over them. But no! With the grace of a man laying his lips on a fair maiden’s hand or a queen knighting her faithful subject, one of them bends down to kiss the very feet of the wearer of the cherished shoes.

This was witnessed just last night at Aqua in the Four Seasons hotel. The owner of this pair of Jimmy Choo for H&M–a respectable, party-loving art director–had queued for five hours in rain-soaked Tokyo last week to lay her hands on the heels for two reasons: The first (and the most obvious), she desired them; the second, she wanted to win a bet.

As it was recounted that evening, one of her best friends was certain that the limited-edition shoes were not obtainable since the Japanese are known to be obsessive of such goods to the point that they would forgo sleep just to be able to aquire them. The Japan-bound art director, however, was certain she would be able to join if not beat her Tokyo sisters to the queueing game. A bet was made out. If the shoe lover wins, her Jimmy Choo-shod foot will be kissed!

Girls do know when to have a party. For most lasses, Tupperware, Botox, and pajamas are good enough reasons to get together for their girly indulgences, but not for these women. In cahoots with the very able and creative F&B department of the hotel, the art director arranged for a booze-filled bash so that the foot-kissing can be witnessed by the kissee’s group of close friends. This was better than a wedding party.  I suspect women, with shoes or no shoes, are simply better at kicking up some fun!


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