Chinese Pottery Meets Analogue Camera Meets Sculptured Dress

Lomography has created quite a following for its quirky cameras despite not going the digital route. Fans adore the not-too-perfect images (due to the plastic lenses) and pop-up colours the cameras produce. You either love it or hate it.

To enhance the appeal of their cameras, the brand has always collaborated with designers to come up with unusual styling for their instruments, such as the Diana F+ Qing Hua by Hong Kong designer/illustrator Dorophy Tang (yes, spelled with a ‘p’). Keeping the camera’s retro styling (from the 60s), Ms Tang has added Ming dynasty blue & white floral motifs to its body, making it look like something admiral Zheng He would have used in his voyages across Southeast Asia.

The clunky camera brings to my mind Beijing artist Li Xiao Feng’s ceramic couture. While they may not be identical in medium and application, both individuals unabashedly pay homage to motifs from a long-gone era. Mr Li’s unwearable clothes, made from broken antique ceramic pieces, look soft as quilted fabrics even when the material he works with has the hardness of stone.

The Lomography Diana F+ Qing Hua camera is available at ZEN Design Showcase The F Concept Store for 4,700 baht. The special edition set comes with 4 of Dorophy Tang’s Shopping Baby illustrated postcards


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