Millitary Might

It’s been reported on the Net with much hoo-ha that Carla Bruni has traded Dior for Gap. This is hardly shocking news when Michelle Obama frequently wears J Crew, and not always with aplomb.

Ms Bruni’s adoption of children’s wear was seen last week on Canal+, the French premium pay-TV channel, in a show that had her performing with Harry Connick, Jr. The garment in question is this cavalry jacket designed by Stella McCartney for GapKids.

This military top with its distinctive frogging and metallic buttons is not the stuff of a terribly original wardrobe. Many other designers such as Marc Jacobs and, recently, Pierre Balmain have introduced them. I can see its attraction: decorative, somewhat formal, and recalls a bygone era. In contrast, army uniforms these day are mostly devoid of flourishes. Its appeal to women speaks more about the lack of fun-to-wear jackets than a blind adoption of regimental style, whether they’re for the young or not.

When the Gap opens at CentralWorld next February, we won’t be able to see Stella McCartney for GapKids in the store. For the many Thai women who shop at children’s department, that may be something to regret.

Pierre Balmain Spring/Summer 2009


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