Concave Vs Convex

L to R: Balenciaga and Alexander McQueen

Even shoes swing from one extreme to another. Balenciaga’s ‘hoof-boots’ from his equestrian-inspired collection of A/W 2006 showed that not only must you torture your heels, you have to contort your foot in order to strut fashionably tall. So extreme were the shapes of the shoes from that season, that they had to be compared to horse’s feet. Not to be out done (and already seen to death), Alexander McQueen showed the until-now unimaginable ‘armadillo-boots’, already worn by Lady Gaga in the (also seen to death) Bad Romance video.

British Vogue staffers, upon receiving Mr McQueen’s boots last month, gave them a try. Not surprisingly, they “miserably failed to make it further than the Vogue fashion cupboard.” I doubt it’s just the shape of the shoe that makes walking difficult. It’s the height too. Twelve-inch tall, they prevented even Lady Gaga from prancing like Salome on speed. She was walking like yeti on Quaalude.

And then there are these: the graduate works of MA students at the Netherlands’ Fashion Institute Arnhem (FIA). Looks like dainty shoes will quickly be a thing of the past.


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