Jacket Smart

Is Elly Jackson of La Roux the only jacket-wearing singer around? It appears to be if you consider new fashion-heavy acts such as Lady Gaga. It’s not a fair comparison, really, since Ms Jackson is way too cool, as my niece had pointed out to me.

The Tilda Swinton-looking Brit singer (whose mother is actress Trudie Goodwin) appears on stage and in most of her music videos (check out the well-styled Bulletproof) wearing mostly jackets teamed with T-shirts and skinny pants. Although she looks androgynous, especially with that hair (Mike Score of A Flock of Seagulls?!), she does not wear men’s or ‘boyfriend’ jackets.

There’s a refreshing quirkiness to how she pulls everything together. And she’s not afraid not to think too much about what she has on. Apparently, she signed her record deal with Polydor Records wearing a tee that says ‘cunt’.

Although I am not totally sure I like her sound, I am especially drawn to her latest music video I’m Not Your Toy, which, despite it’s rather large cast, is well styled and compelling to watch. Her black and white jacket (which I am not able to identify) and white pants lend her image a certain suaveness that jars with her synth-pop sound that vaguely recalls early Depeche Mode.

Her look is a huge welcome if only because there’s just too many songstresses maxing out on their sexiness.


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