Calendar Girls

It’s that time of the year. Christmas season is also calendar season. I’ve never bought any calendar for myself. They’re usually given to me. Since I do not hang a calendar on my wall, I’m happy to place on my desk at work any given to me.

One calendar many men would gladly buy (unfortunately it’s not sold!) is the one by Italian tyre manufacturer Pirelli. The 2010 edition is shot by Terry Richardson, and features barely-dressed Lily Cole (above), Miranda Kerr, Daisy Lowe, and other models who surely deserve to be Victoria’s Secret angels.

The Pirelli calendar has done for its brand what the swimsuit edition of Sports Illustrated has done for the magazine. The photographs of the scantily clad or un-clad women have enhanced the careers of the models featured too. It’s easy to think that such calendars are no better than playing cards featuring nude women, but photographers who have contributed to the Pirelli project include fashion heavyweights such as Herb Ritz, Patrick Demachelier, Richard Avedon, Peter Beard, and the Guy Bourdin-influenced duo, Mert & Marcus. They, I doubt, are dirty old men.

Pirelli Calendar Club


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