Block Party

You may have stopped playing with Lego bricks after you left kindergarten, but you never really outgrow them. Not when Lego makes home wares and gadgets targeted at grown-ups with very disposable income.

I spotted these digital toys at the Loft, Siam Discovery, some months back, and then saw them again recently at a couple of  Siam Square shops. The USB drive is nifty to use. I am not sure what the USB hub says about you when they’re spotted on your desk. As for the portable iPod speaker, I think they’re a little too juvenile for Apple’s digital player.

Gadget designers are not the only ones taking the coloured brick road. French fashion designer Jean Charles de Castelbajac, in his recent S/S 09 collection, showed Lego-print outfits as well as accessories such as sunglasses, hats and watches (left). As if that wasn’t enough, Mr Castelbajac went on to produce a video that spoofs catwalk shows. The participants and attendees are Lego people, all the more amusing with the presence of the brick version of Anna Wintour in the front row (dark shades included!). What better material to represent Her Iciness than cold plastic!

JCDC Lego Collection Video


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