Woodstock Worthy

It must have been Ang Lee’s Taking Woodstock, which I saw this afternoon that attracted me to this polo shirt. It was hanging there, amid unwashed denim jeans and slogan canvas bags, in the window of The Adjective, the jeans and streetwear store that’s a hit with the juvenile hi-so set. The Supremebeing top has the right details (contrast collar, placket and cuff) for it to look right on Elliot Tiber (played by comedian Demetri Martin) trying to save his family motel in ’69.

Supremebeing is one of those British labels that takes design a little further than the typical American streetwear brands. They do not, for example, have a weakness for making everything too large. Inside The Adjective, I was, however, a little disappointed that they did not bring in the colourful I Love CMYK range: tees that will make a lot of sense to graphic designers.

Talking about Taking Woodstock, I did not realise that loving peace can be so sleep-inducing or attending one of history’s most important music events can be so devoid of electricity. Lee’s latest film is no Brokeback Mountain despite its homoerotic undercurrent. It’s a somnolent walk through the back story of the hippie high point known as Woodstock. Feeble excuse for a rock-doc.

Supremebeing polo is available at The Adjective, CentralWorld, for 2,100 baht.


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